Four Elements Hotel Amsterdam launching

Innovative hotel on IJburg eco-district

Our energy neutral hotel on IJburg, one of Europe’s leading hotels when it comes to using natural resources, is undergoing an extensive rebranding effort as a result of the renewal of its corporate vision. 

A comprehensive, sustainable hospitality experience is what will be at the core of this rebranding. Four Elements Hotel Amsterdam is the new brand, launched as of May 14th 2020. Four Elements replaces the former name ‘Breeze’, under which name the hotel was launched in June 2019.

New name and image

The Four Elements Hotel Amsterdam is a waterfront eco hotel on IJmeer lake. Situated on the man-made island of IJburg, Amsterdam’s most recent land claim, the 10-storey hotel is the world’s first energy neutral of its kind. This unique feature has resulted in the hotel being awarded the prestigious EZK Energy Award from the Dutch government. With top-notch service and a warm and welcoming atmosphere, the hotel has 195 beautiful rooms and unique facilities, including the Wind Sky Bar and Herbs Garden Restaurant. The Four Elements Hotel Amsterdam is all about urban hospitality in a truly sustainable environment for today’s conscious travellers and citizens of the world.

What good life is made of

Sustainability is our driving force and the compass on which we make our decisions. What might be a distant future for most, is in the Four Elements Hotel Amsterdam a reality. Fresh air, fresh food, zero waste and undeniable quality are the cornerstones of our ambitions. It is what good life is made of, and good life is our promise to you.

Four Elements Hotel Amsterdam will, in due time and in line with the global scientific Covid-19 guidelines, fully relaunch its eco boosting facilities. Until then, its people and administration team welcome you to visit our official website and join our common effort to inspire travelers around the globe to stay safe, to keep on dreaming and to hold on to solidarity and respect for our fellow citizens at the frontline against this unprecedented global challenge.

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