The most amazing, sustainable restaurant of Ijburg Amsterdam

Sustainability sets the tone to all our dishes.


Our planet, the environment, sustainable production; these are the parameters that create our head chef's playing field. He takes pride in using ingredients from his Dutch home soil, even IJburg where possible, to create dishes that are not only sustainable, but beautiful and delicious at the same time.

"We are picky at the source and use everything we cultivate, or purchase. Chucking out food is not an option for our kitchen. Zero waste is our policy. It is a matter of respect."

Locality and seasonality

Today, at Herbs Garden and the Four Elements Hotel Amsterdam, head chef  and his team create recipes that are all seasonal, using ingredients from trusted local growers and producers. The focus is on creating a sustainable culinary concept, where short supply lines and zero-waste are paramount.

“The more sustainable we are, the healthier we are. The more human we are, the better. Because to cook is to care.”

The flair and flavour of the Netherlands

“Working local and seasonal comes with challenges; not every season offers the same wide range of produce. Yet, every season has something beautiful and in order to be able to offer variety we preserve produce in different ways. Fermenting, pickling, drying, smoking and of course also freezing. All these techniques help us to offer a diverse palette year round".

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