Four Elements Hotel Our Concept

Introducing the Four Elements of Sustainable Hospitality

In ancient times Wind, Earth, Water and Fire were considered to be the critical energy forces that sustained life. This is exactly our case. The four elements of nature come together in the operation of this energy neutral hotel and thereby offer a unique experience of sustainable hospitality.


Breathe fresh

A breath of fresh air is like a love note to the body. The Four Elements building offers a clean and allergy friendly environment. Ground-breaking engineering makes it possible to capture fresh air in our climate cascade, where it can be heated or cooled, before it is circulated through the interior of the building. By harnessing the power of the wind and use it to refresh the hotel’s atmosphere every two hours it is as if the building breaths in and out, just as we do.


Eat fresh

Fresh food makes you feel so much more alive. The entire Food and Beverage philosophy of the Four Elements Hotel is based on this principle. It is therefore we work strictly with what our little corner of the earth, the Netherlands, provides each season. Not only does this ‘home grown’ principle guarantee the freshest possible produce, it also avoids unnecessary transport emissions to make your meal not only nutritious, but also sustainable.


The source of life

Water, the ultimate source of life, has been an ally of the Netherlands since long. Surrounded by water, the Four Elements Hotel sits on a man-made island on the shores of lake IJmeer. When sustainable hospitality is the corner stone of your operation it becomes the guiding principle in every decision made. It is water that is used not only to cool or heat the airflow of the building, it also serves as its filter. Making water once again the crucial element it has always been.



The Four Elements building absorbs solar power to generate electricity while natural light makes the public spaces come to life. Once inside the Four Elements Hotel our guests are fuelled not only with quality and care, but also with warmth and light from the most powerful and natural of sources. Excessive energy is stored underground which make it fair to say that our warmth, and the sunny smiles that come with it, come from within.

Where Thought Goes, Energy Flows

The Four Elements Hotel Amsterdam uses gravity, wind and sunlight to form a natural air conditioning system. It is the first hotel in the world to do so. The concept of transforming the building into a ‘climate machine’ is based on the natural ventilation system found in termite mounds. 

This concept is the brainchild of Dr. Bronsema and is the backbone of the hotel: providing fresh air, heating, cooling and energy, with excess thermal energy being stored underground.

Scenic, Healthy & Allergy friendly

Tall, striking, and bold outside; welcoming, refreshing and green inside. Four Elements Hotel Amsterdam enjoys unique sky-water views and a constant cool atmosphere inside. The natural air circulation system refreshes the air throughout the building every two hours by filtering, heating or moisturizing the fresh air from outside as needed.


The eco embedded Four Elements engineering system was honored with the 2019 EZK Energy Award for excelling both in terms of sustainable energy generation as well as energy saving.

They went a little further than everyone else.


Both our guests as well as our employees are encouraged to act environmentally conscious in all aspects of our hotel. From a no waste policy in the F&B department to limiting energy consumption anywhere in the hotel. And why not generate a little energy yourself by using the equipment in our gym; the energy you generate while working out is used elsewhere in the hotel!

Eco Decked & Organized

Four Elements Hotel Amsterdam interiors are welcoming, cozy and eco-friendly. Items, from furniture to glasses, from linen to shower heads, everything has been selected to minimize environmental impact without doing any concessions in the sense of luxury. This eco-deco approach includes wood-floors made from salvaged timber, reborn linen from cut leftovers, low-emitting paints and fabrics and furniture from recycled PET bottles. Beautiful green notes and leafy ceilings complete a homey, yet cutting edge sustainable atmosphere.

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