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Love and know what’s on your plate

Eyes are immediately drawn upward to the beautiful leafy ceiling, as if a garden took off into the sky. This is Herbs Garden, the Four Elements Hotel’s open kitchen eco restaurant. 

Head chef Herb and his brigade prepare your food while you are enjoying the welcoming atmosphere of the restaurant in IJburg. Healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner come from this kitchen, using ingredients that all come with a story. The team is more than happy to inform you on the origins, the preparation techniques, the suppliers we work with and the choices we make. 

This in order to make the stories come to life, because knowing what’s on your plate will make you love your food even more.

The joy of truly fresh

Our world is moving towards a healthier lifestyle. Healthier for the individual, but also healthier for the environment and our precious eco systems. It is therefor we work strictly with what our home soil provides in each season. And if there is need for an exception, we make sure that we know all about the origins and transport. This way not only our world gets a bit better, but also the world of our coffee grower far away in Nicaragua. 

Our cuisine is about recognizable and pure flavours, about combinations and preparations that will surprise you. The menu changes almost constantly, in line with what the market has to offer. In order to limit waste, we offer each dish as a half and whole portion, as a starter or as a main course. Our menu caters for most dietary requirements with a healthy balance between vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, but please inform us if you have any special requests. We like your kids to enjoy our creations, but of course have a separate kids menu if needed.

Our wine list carries biodynamic labels from French, Italian, Spanish, Austrian and Greek vineyards and offers pairing recommendations for dinner.

Herbs Garden offers a culinary experience with local flavours and a global state of mind!

Our opening hours

Mon – Fri: 6:30am – 10:30am
Sat – Sun: 7am – 11am

Mon – Sun 12pm – 4pm

Mon – Sun 5:30pm – 10pm

Mon – Sun: 5pm – 11:00pm

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+3120 714 20 40

Meet Herb van Drongelen

Herb is a bold Dutchman and a true citizen of the world. His culinary style is inspired by gastronomic traditions from all over the globe. Our planet, the environment, sustainable production; these are the parameters that create Herb’s playing field. He takes pride in using ingredients from his Dutch home soil, even IJburg where possible, to create dishes that are not only sustainable, but beautiful and delicious at the same time.

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